How it works

How it Works ~ FAQs

1. What is Kapshure? 

Kapshure is The Discovery Platform for DTC Brands. Where brands promote and sell their exclusive inventory to shoppers. Kapshure provides the following benefits:

  • Kapshure is a community where brands can share exclusive content with their subscribers, including private posts, chats, photos, videos, audio, and livestreams.
  • We provide a dedicated social media platform for shopping.
  • Kapshure provides all of the tools to easily set up an online Pop Up Shop in minutes.
  • Brands promote their product launches, drops, and more to quickly get customer feedback. 
  • Kapshure is an online platform for brands to set up their own online Pop Up Shop to sell digital, custom content, physical products, excess inventory, exclusive inventory, bundled deals, and more.
  • Kapshure allows brands to test different pricing to increase sell through rates on SKU’s that have excess inventory.
  • Kapshure offers the ability to build two-way conversations with your customers in an authentic way.
  • Brands can promote product collabs with a joint pop up shop
  • Sell time sensitive items and products. 
  • Kapshure helps increase your AOV by allowing brands to sell product bundles.
  • Save on the cost associated with in person pop up shops. You can host a pop-up shop yearound. 
  • Kapshure helps brands with inventory planning based on pop up shop sales. 
  • Expand your brand loyalty programs
  • Expand your ambassador programs
  • Diversify your distribution channels
  • Go beyond ads and build a brand community
  • Built-in customer referral system
  • Provide a better customer shopping experience
  • Kapshure can help brands expand globally
  • Increase customer driven sales
  • Increase Influencer Marketing
  • Ensure your content is always seen by your subscribers
  • Kapshure is in the social commerce space which supports an omnichannel strategy for retail and e-commerce brands.

2. How it Works?

We host, and there is NO technical setup required.

All of our brands Get Verified (typically within 48hrs of sign up) before appearing in our search. Please note that all brand partners are responsible for setting their own prices, ensuring inventory, and shipping.

If you charge for shipping please include it in the total price. You can also restrict or expand countries that you ship to. Also, if there are no refunds on a particular product you are required to state that in the description are of your Pop Up Shop item. Also, please note that since we handle all transactions using a third party platform we reserve the right to issue refunds.

Please note if you are selling limited deals please specify in the description whether items may or may not be available for replacements. 

If you ship internationally, please note in the description for shoppers that this may require longer shipping times and note whether the estimated shipping times are for the U.S. or other territories. 


3. How do I become a Seller and Get Verified?

We want to help you get the most out of Kapshure. To do that, you will need to get verified. 

When you sign up and complete the quick verification, you will appear as a brand in our search and can set up your Pop Up Shop. 

During sign up you will be prompted to upload a Drivers License or Passport and your signed W-9 (U.S.) or W-8BEN or W-8BEN-E (Non-U.S.) Here’s a link on how to easily sign a pdf without printing the document.

We verify all brands to: 

  • Make sure Kapshure remains a safe place for both sellers and buyers 
  • Since our platform provides payments, it is a legal requirement 

We use a 2048-bit encryption, which is the highest level to ensure all information transmitted is safe. 

Also, Kapshure does not withhold taxes from Brands earnings. We do collect sales tax and VAT on purchases as required.

Check out our step-by-step guide

4. What types of products and content are allowed?

Pop Up Shop products and content including or related to product launches, drops, product reviews, recommendations, demonstrations, hauls, unboxing, and more via posts, photos, videos, audio, live streams, are welcomed as long as it does not violate our Community Guidelines

All items sold must be new, we do not allow resale items. It can be excess inventory or exclusive inventory, and products can be bundled into packages sold together. Please note that brands are responsible for pricing, inventory, and shipping.

Also, please note that certain features like your Pop Up Shop and content on Kapshure are accessible via the internet for non-registered users. Please make sure to lock all content that is meant only for subscribers. 

Kapshure currently supports brands in the following content areas: Apparel, Beauty, Fashion, Fitness, Gaming, Haircare, Handbags, Home Decor, Lifestyle, Makeup, Shoes, Skincare, Tech, Travel and Wellness.

We will add more areas and you can submit requests to


5. What types of products and content are prohibited? 

We strictly prohibit ANY and ALL adult content, sexual activity or content, ALL forms of hate, harassment, discrimination, drug use, legal or illegal drugs, firearms, criminal, and illegal activities or content. 

We ask that all community members review our Community Guidelines and Creator Code of Ethics to review all prohibited content which is not intended as an exhaustive list and is up to the sole discretion of Kapshure, Inc. to determine if certain content or activities violate our platform’s inherent or explicit policies. 

In addition, please keep in mind that content containing music you don’t own the rights to or other content you do not own is also strictly prohibited. We also strictly prohibit any and all sales of content that you do not own the right to sale or distribute.


6. How to add Products to your Pop Up Shop?

 Check out our step-by-step guide:



7. Can I post links to my products and content? 

Absolutely, brands can share their products and content and we want to support you as a partner. We ask that all outside links adhere to our Community Guidelines & Core Beliefs, and Creator Code of Ethics


8. Is there a limited number of products I can have in my Pop Up Shop?

As a paid member each of our plans allows our brand partners to include a certain number of items (based on their plan) to sell in their Pop Up Shops. Items can also be bundled into one price and sold to customers. 


9. What makes Kapshure different from other social platforms and online marketplaces?

We are a platform that provides all of the tools for brands to quickly and easily provide an online Pop Up Shop to promote and sell their products to their customers. 

Kapshure also provides brands with the tools to build a community with your loyal customers using the power of your own social media platform, where your content is always seen by your audience.

Our platform is intended for the purpose of supporting brands as an omnichannel partner to promote and sell products, and provide more opportunities for distribution. 

On Kapshure our brand partners have the ability to lock content that is specifically intended for their paid subscribers or on an individual basis.

We are also committed to product discovery and exclusively focused on supporting consumers with making product-based decisions based on honest video and live stream product reviews.


Here is a Guide on How to Use our Social Features


10. How does Pricing work?

Kapshure is a marketplace that facilitates transactions between buyers (also known as shoppers) and sellers (also known as brands). 

Our pricing process is simple.

Sellers Sign up and get verified. Kapshure's commission is 20% on all sales. Sellers are responsible for shipping all items to buyers. In addition, the current payment processor fees are 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.

Please contact sales if you need any further assistance or would like to schedule a demo



While our platform can provide paid subscription communities we do ask that all brand partners set this option to Free. 

Pay-Per-View (PPV), Videos, Posts, Messages, Audio, Live Streams

Our platform supports Pay-Per-View (PPV), Videos, Posts, Messages, Audio, and Live Streams and we ask that our brand partners set these items as free for your subscribers. 

Livestream options:

  • Available to everyone (Paid)
  • Free for paying subscribers
  • Free for everyone


We have turned off tipping on our platform. 


Minimum Price $2 USD

Maximum Price $5000 USD

Shop options:

  • Sell Digital Products
  • Sell Custom Products and Services
  • Sell Physical Products 

Please see our frequently asked question related to brands to see how to sell your digital and custom content on Kapshure for brand sponsored content including (photos, videos, and brand sponsored livestreams).

Also, the maximum price amount can be adjusted to accommodate our brand partners needs. Please contact us if you need an adjustment at

11. Why isn’t Kapshure free like other social platforms? 

Kapshure was created to cut out the noise from other social platforms with a high saturation of content in multiple areas competing for consumers’ attention. 

With that, we also saw first-hand how brands spend a considerable amount of time creating content and curating products for consumers; however because of constant changing algorithms their audience only sees about 3% of their content on other social media platforms.  

Kapshure also provides the best benefits of social media with the excitement of a pop up shop as a temporary retail space to introduce new product lines, test a new market or generate awareness for a product. 

Kapshure isn’t run by advertisement dollars at this time, and we wanted to develop a social platform that allowed brands to better connect with their loyal customers.  

12. How are brands paid out for sales? 

Brands can view their account dashboard, track sales, purchases, and receive automatic invoices. The dashboard shows daily, weekly, and monthly earnings, balance, and active subscribers. Please keep in mind the sales do not reflect the 20% platform fee and payment processor fees of 2.9% + $0.30 USD per transaction. 

Brands can easily submit a request for withdrawal via their individual platform dashboard. Payments are typically processed within 7 business days. Brands can select the amount they would like to withdraw. Our monthly payout is in place to ensure that all payments have cleared and there are no pending refunds or disputes. Brands will provide their ACH account to receive bank transfer of sales. 


13. Do you offer refunds? What if there is a problem?

We ask that if there is an issue that arises regarding purchasing from a brands Pop Up Shop that you reach out to the brand first within 3 days and in the event that the issue has not been resolved or it involves a technical issue or otherwise that you please reach out to us directly within 5 days at for us to investigate the issue and provide a resolution.

Brands have access to see current refund requests, cancellations, and subscriptions in their account. Brands can also reject orders and the money will be refunded back to the buyer. We also have the ability to refund money back as necessary. 

Shoppers please review and adhere to each merchant or brand’s refund and return policy.

We also encourage shoppers to please feel free to chat with any brand before making a purchase if you have questions. We have a built in chat system. 

The content shared is exclusively the content created by brands who sign up on our platform and adheres to our Community Guidelines and Creator Code of Ethics


14. How does Live Stream shopping work on Kapshure? 

Brands can go live with their subscribers with the intent of helping consumers make informed product based decisions. Shoppers can then purchase the items shared in your Pop Up Shop. We believe shopping is social and our brands go live to share products authentically. They share the OOTD (Outfit of the Day), their product recommendations, their honest product reviews, unboxings, empties, demos and hauls. 

If a brand goes live with an Influencer or Brand Ambassador they are required to share if the product was gifted or sponsored. However our expectations for all brands and influencers is to always share their honest and authentic opinions and experiences. Also, our live streams are not saved and we expressly prohibit recording content that you do not own the right to.

Our platform does offer Paid Live Streams, please reach out to our team if you would like to discuss this feature. For most Live Streams they will be offered for Free to your subscribers. 

Also, please keep in mind that all brands and creators must follow FTC Guide for Social Media Influencers rules and reveal any paid sponsorships via livestream or other digital content.


15. How Referrals work on Kapshure?

Shoppers get a custom referral link that you can share with your friends and others. You can earn a 5% commission of Kapshure’s 20% platform fee when they make a purchase. You also get a dashboard that tracks total transactions and earnings from your referral link.


16. What if I’m a non U.S. based brand? Can I sign-up and open a Pop Up Shop?

Yes, at this time we welcome brands and subscribers from a long list of countries including the following countries:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Europe

Taxes for the countries listed are enabled by our payments provider Stripe. 

It is the responsibility of each brand on our platform to ensure that you are aware and in compliance with all applicable laws governing the U.S. and the international countries including but not limited to the GDPR, the European Commission New Consumer Rights, and the FTC. All digital content or services provided must strictly adhere to all applicable laws and regulations of the countries where your products, subscriptions, or services are sold or rendered. We reserve the right to pause, restrict, and or terminate any user or account that is in violation or non-compliance with these laws.   

Note: The European Commission New Consumer Rights directive has passed and is supposed to be in force as of May 28, 2022. Sellers should act on this information ASAP to avoid any issues.

We recommend that brands that sell digital products or services reach out to a legal advisor if they have questions regarding their classification or how each country’s rule may apply to them.

Brands can select the countries in which they do not want their profile to be displayed, they will not be able to see your profile in any section of the site.

Please note that as a U.S. company Kapshure is in compliance with all GDPR rules with regards to the European Union General Data Protection Regulation to safeguard personal data. Please see our Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy.

We are also monitoring Canada’s “introduction of the Digital Charter Implementation Act, 2022, which will significantly strengthen Canada’s private sector privacy law, create new rules for the responsible development and use of artificial intelligence (AI), and continue advancing the implementation of Canada’s Digital Charter. As such, the Digital Charter Implementation Act, 2022 will include three proposed acts: the Consumer Privacy Protection Act, the Personal Information and Data Protection Tribunal Act, and the Artificial Intelligence and Data Act.”

Kapshure reserves the right to restrict brands ability to sell to or from countries that would place undue harm onto our organization. 


17. What happens if I witness or experience someone on the platform violating the policies, guidelines, and rules? 

All users can be reported for violations via their page by clicking the flag next to their profile picture. 

  • Brands can also add users to their restricted list.

If you experience any unwanted treatment please contact us directly at Please see our  Community Guidelines and Creator Code of Ethics.


18. How do we know the reviews are honest? 

Honesty is built into the DNA of our mission and community. However, we believe that it takes all of us to agree, adhere, and uphold our shared values, core beliefs, and Creator Code of Ethics to ensure this is and remains a community founded on the principles of honesty, integrity, and authenticity.   


19. Does Kapshure Watermark my content?

We believe brands' content belongs to the brand and therefore on our platform your content is watermarked with your specific Kapshure + Brand URL. 


20. What are the upload limits for files and video content?

Upload Limits for Videos and Files on Verified Accounts: 30MB

Upload Limits for Videos and Files on Unverified Accounts: 15MB

Please note that currently our system only allows embedded videos from YouTube.


21. How does Kapshure view data storage?

Please keep in mind that it is your responsibility as a brand to keep an original backup copy of all your content and data. 


22. What if I have a question that isn’t listed?  

We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to reach out to us at