Haircare Calling ALL Product Junkies!

Haircare Calling ALL Product Junkies!

Haircare Review

Calling ALL Product Junkies

Product Junkies

My daughter jumped on the Olaplex bandwagon long before I did and she’s been gently nudging me in that direction. I will say I was really disappointed by the lack of Olaplex product reviews from African American women since it didn’t appear the product intended to market toward our hair care needs. But, since both my daughter and I are self-proclaimed product junkies, I took her advice and tried it out after my relaxer treatment (no judgment). I have to say this product completely blew me away. My hair felt like butter even though it’s not a conditioner. I think it’s time Olaplex reevaluates their target market because this product left me wondering where it had been all my life.

If Perfection Were A Thing…Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector Might Be Close!

Can You Leave [Olaplex No. 3] on Overnight?


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